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Reversible Microwaveable Bowl 'Cozy' - Small/Medium (Navy/White Prints)

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  • All materials are 100% Cotton. That includes the fabric, thread and batting. This is very important in order for it to be used safely in a microwave.
  • Cozy size is approximately 8″ square and 3.5″ deep – which works very well for a small to medium serving dish or bowl. – see photos.
  • Quilted with Vibrant Colors – One side is a navy/white/orange/fuchsia modern print; the other side is a navy print with a white leaf pattern.
  • No more burnt fingers or trying to juggle hot bowls.¬† Can be used as a hot pad and helps to protect the top of your furniture from heat.
  • This cozy will also help things to stay cold – perfect for a bowl of ice cream ūüôā
  • These bowls are ‘practical & pretty’. Use them all around your house to hold all sorts of things – keys, jewelry, cosmetics, artificial plants, etc.
  • Machine washable. Use cold water for washing and dry on a delicate/gentle cycle or line dry.
These are great for gift giving Рhousewarming, bridal & baby showers, weddings, etc.  Also as gifts for hostesses, teachers, friends, relatives, college students, etc.